How cute is this pic?? hahah Couldn’t resist not putting this one up! 

*sigh* When do you think episode 3 will be out? I’ve been eyeing the official website but there’s no news of episode 3. There’s rumour that the next one will be released on 29 August but I have found nothing to support this. To me, it sounds like they’re producing as they go so unlikely to see a steady fixed release date. Damn! Oh well…

If anyone hears of any news, please let me know! Thanks!

Btw, remember that song I mentioned in my last Candy☆Boy post? Well I’ve ripped the song off the video and have uploaded it to IMEEM. Check it out!

Edit: Btw, a prequel episode has been released!! I’ve posted the details here [anime] Candy☆Boy ~ EX01.