Okay – here is the answer! The images posted were also shown in the 5th OVA of Season 3 Maria-sama ga Miteru! hahaha Crazy, eh!? Maybe I should make a prize next time…

A amazing ceiling on the way to the Sistine Chapel…









Michaelangelo’s famous work – The Last Judgment







Vatican City







Spanish Steps







Trevi Fountain







There were actually many other shots but don’t want to bore you…coming up, I plan to start watching Strawberry Marshmallow aka Ichigo Mashimaro. Any other better suggestions, feel free to let me know!!

Ciao! hahaha

Hmm…on a serious note, I was scanning the final look of this post before publishing and I just realised the quality of the art in Marimite! They’ve done pretty well in drawing these famous landmarks! *thumbs up* Can’t wait for season 4!! I’m still waiting for my Season DVD box set…hopefully I’ll get it before this weekend!!