Before I start typing away, let me explain that I don’t really plan to review every episode of Candy☆Boy – mainly because each episode is only 8 minutes long so by the time I explain it, all story will be revealed! BUT, I am going to write something should something catch my eye. hehehe Like what I am about to write…

In this episode, there was a particular sequence that I liked and was perfectly matched with the lyrics of the music! I did not notice this until I was taking screen shots of the scene I liked. The lyrics of the song is actually capturing Kanade’s inner struggle. Accompanying screen shots below.

恋のカタチ ~ Koi no Katachi

I can’t seem to express my feelings

Even you noticed within our daily life

Even if you were to leave my side the slightest bit

Yesterday’s smile would become awfully sad

That doubt you’re always feeling, please just stop

I only want to see you filled with your honest feelings

Don’t ever have any doubts

This one love will take its shape

Just believe and happiness will grow

Even if this picture of us walking together should fade

It will never disappear

I honestly thought this part was quite sweet and cute! It touched me for a while! *sigh*

Just a silly moment...haha

Just a silly moment...haha

Oh and just to demonstrate the silliness of this anime, here’s a pretty hilarious scene…HAHAHAHA

Edit: Btw, the translated lyrics are thanks to the hard work of Froth-Bite!