I just realised the impact of Sola! There could be some serious post anime syndromes! haha After finishing Sola, I found myself dreamingly gaze out the window at work! I’m not sure whether it is a coincident that the weather has been better giving us a rare blue sky (it is actually relatively rare in the city I live in!) or whether I just never paid attention. In any case, I feel like I have more appreciation of the beauty of the changes in the sky – the midday clear blue, the white clouds floating across and the purples and reds as the day ends. I honestly have commented out loud to my colleagues three times in the last few days on what a wonderful clear day it is!! LOL I almost had the desire to find out whether I could run to the rooftop of my building to take a picture. Ok, now that’s going a bit far – but it did cross my mind!

I guess the thing to really highlight about this anime (I’ve mentioned it many times already), is the sheer quality of the animation. Given there is a strong focus on the sky, it has paid a lot of attention and detail to make them as real looking as they can be. Seriously, as I look outside my work window, I feel like I’m seeing a sky from Sola…not a real sky. It’s THAT crazy!

Btw, before you continue reading, let me warn you that there are spoilers ahead!! You have been warned!

OKay, aside from the breathtaking animation, one of the main reasons why I like it, is its execution style. That is, everything is expressed very gently and softly – just layers of subtlety and indirect ways to move you. I had tears running starting from episode 12! Nothing drastic had happened but you just know that it wasn’t going to be a “lived happily ever after” ending. Why can’t Matsuri, Yorito and Aono just accept each other and live together! Hell no! The story didn’t need blood spilling everywhere or huge outcries (well except for Aono) to heighten the atmosphere.

Let me pull up a good example – Yorito dies in the end (if you can call it dying, really) but the scene itself was not overly dramatic. Rather, leading up to the incident, the scriptwriter was quietly building up the emotion and pain in you – the way the class mates lost all memory of his existence, and finally his close friend Mana-san too. Then after the death, they continue to remind of you this pain through Mana taking up Yorito’s passion of taking pictures of the sky. She doesn’t quite understand why she is so drawn to it and through that we are reminded that she has been stripped of her memories of Yorito. This whole form of execution really worked for me. To me, it is a more sophisticated and delicate way of involving the audience’s emotions. Although you can’t help but feel slightly dispirited at the end of all this, it was nevertheless an anime well worth watching.


*SIGH* If only Matsuri and Yorito could be together…

Story 9

To me, the story was pretty creative. Although it started off slow, the patience paid off in the end. This is not an anime you will forget straight away…

Characters 8

Everyone was like-able and the voice for Matsuri was well-chosen. Good range of different characters and personalities. 

Music 8

I LOVE the three pieces of music used in this anime – the opening theme (Colourless Wind), ending theme (Mellow Melody) and Sensitive Scenery 敏感な風景 but the rest of the background music didn’t really catch my attention. You can tell that a fair bit of effort went into the soundtrack but out of the 30+ tracks in the OST album, maybe only 2 was worth listening to more than once. On the otherhand, I can listen to Sensitive Scenery 敏感な風景 on repeat! haha Guess I’ll have to pop this CD into my next shopping list…haha

Overall 9

Definitely worth checking out! Try it out if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more serious and subtle in execution…