Don’t ask me why it’s called that!? I seriously have NO idea! haha It was initially released as a ONA (original net animation) – that is – released via the internet in Nov 2007. It was only an 8min long production. I had randomly come across it when I watched Strawberry Panic and was wondering what other anime Hitomi Nabatame was a voice in. YES! It’s Hitomi again! Yes, if you haven’t realised already, I like her voice!! LOL

BUT WAIT…don’t get too excited by this one. The themes are a bit strange…It’s yuri / shoujo-ai but it’s not just that. Maybe I’m the one that’s not used to this idea but the girls are meant to be biological twins…hmm…well it’s actually not obvious cos they don’t look anything alike! haha So when I watch it, I ignore the fact they are twins. Plus, up till now (only the initial release + 2 eps are out), there’s nothing excessively intimate so all is ok.

After the initial ONA, the company has decided to follow-up with a further release of 7 episodes (each only about 8 minutes long).







Very simple – which I prefer (so far, not that keen on anime that throws in “save the world”, war etc concepts but I haven’t checked out any aside from Kannazuki no Miko). There’s two sisters in highschool, Kanade and Yukino, and the anime centres on their school life and their relationship. Let’s say it’s more than just best friends but neither is there anything physical (*phew*). Yukino seems to be more than happy to express attachment to Kanade but Kanade, on the otherhand, is shy in expressing her feelings. The interaction is kind of cute. Then, just to throw in some extra noise, there is a junior student that’s insanely in admiration towards Kanade! Yep – she’s a crazy one!

Initial ONA here.

Episode 1 here.

What I think: worth watching?

Animation wise, it is visually quite appealing but there aren’t enough frames in some instances so sometimes you feel like the screen has frozen. Nevertheless, the whole finish of the anime is fairly good and the story has enough silly moments to keep you laughing or interested. Once in a while, there’s also a few sweet moments. If it was any longer then maybe people will find it boring but the simplicity of the story is nicely balanced by the length. Honestly, it’s only like 8 minutes of your time! haha It’s hard to be overly disappointed. As long as you can accept the shoujo-ai elements between two sisters, then you should be ok. So far, this is scoring a 7 but as I find all these screenshots, it’s gradually creeping up the scale! haha I guess the wait between episodes kind of kills any build up of craziness.


Btw, there’s a very cute moment in episode 2 that I really like! hehe But I’ll leave that for later!! I’m trying to make a post everyday so can’t spill all the beans in one go!! ahaha