I’m really growing to love Sola. It’s not one of those animes where I’m rolling around in laughter or where my thigh has turned red where I’ve slapped myself too many times…but it has this certain quality that pulls you in. Like I said, it has a slow start but the tension builds up near the 2nd half. I think it’s the character of Matsuri that captivates me – there’s this sadness coming from within her – which is then intensified by her cheerful carefree personality. Mamiko Noto’s voice also fits the character perfectly – so soft spoken and gentle! I’m loving the opening and end theme songs too (the end theme more though)! Lyrics below…All the hard work is done by LunarAnime! I took the lyrics from the subbed episodes they did. Thank you again!


Mellow Melody ~ Ending theme

Close your eyes and

Fading pages of memories will be revived

This is a prayer of an innocent girl

To fly up towards the skies of hope

The moment you sigh, time flies by right away

While you stand idle by yourself

Sing to yourself the melody that protects dreams

When people have fallen asleep

The wish that we may meet again

Will this yarn of love be spun?

This fairy tale that invites gentleness

You were the one that taught me about it

Let us return, quietly

To our memories of those times


Colourless Wind ~ Opening theme

White and shiny feathers

Dazzling and flying into the sky

Though I just want to let my heart ride on it

Extending my frigid hands

Though I know I can’t reach it

I want to touch you now though

The nostalgic wind that breezed by our boat

The mirage brought back my memories

I can’t forget it…

The voice of someone is vibrating painfully

Disturbing the commencing presentiment

I want to forget it…

I don’t understand my own wish

As I sway, I wait for this one dream


Ok – so the lyrics are not exactly Shakespeare but they fit well with the anime! I like it! I think my final review on Sola will be up next…


The first time they meet...

The first time they meet...