When the opening of Episode 1 started, I was taken away by the art! The animation is very fine and beautifully drawn with detail. Sceneries and characters all draw a lot of screen presence. It’s no wonder some people consider this as anime of the year. Below I’ve included a few screen shots to give you some idea but they don’t really do justice to the whole animation experience.

Story There’s a high school boy, Yorito, who has a passion in taking photos of the skies and clouds. Everyday after school, he will go to the hospital to visit his sister, Aono. Her illness is unclear but she appears to be very weak, pale and has a cold character. She does not express much emotion but seems to care very much about Yorito.

One night, Yorito is out at 4am preparing his camera and gear to take a shot of the sunrise. While he is waiting in the park, he sees a girl who is trying to get her drink from the vending machine but seems to have eaten her money. He goes over to help her and by the time he manages to get the drink, the girl has disappeared…her name is Matsuri.

NB: If you are interested in this anime, AVOID wikipedia!! There are spoilers there!!



I don’t want to spoil it for people so I won’t go into the details. Just to give you a better idea, this anime involves some “powers” and “supernatural beings” with a sprinkle of romance. Hope that helps! haha





But, a word of warning! The story build up is quite slow so, at the beginning, visually it’s all very pretty with a lot of attention to the music but things don’t quite speed up until episode 6!






Both the girls are very pretty though I must say I prefer Matsuri (maybe it’s the dark hair!! LOL) because of the character and the voice!

So far so good but don’t try this one if you’re looking for some laughter!