While watching the drama, there was a part that really moved me…I think it was the music…though I must say that Michiru and Takeru also executed their parts very well. Anyway, me being the person I am, I ripped the audio of the scene into an mp3 so that I can listen to it!! hahaha

Why don’t you have a listen and see if you can recognise it?! haha Make note of the music – I really like it. It’s not available in the current OST and I suspect that it’s a S.E.N.S. piece. S.E.N.S. is currently releasing a set of 4 CDs of all their best works but they’re releasing one every few months. The latest one out (the 2nd one), had the track that was used in Last Friends – 記憶の森 – so I’m hoping that maybe in the next CD there might be other tracks also used in Last Friends~!! Well I can only hope!! Seriously, check it out!!

Go to IMEEM.

Btw, if ANYONE knows where I can find the background music, PLEASE tell me!! Thank u!


How could I have a post with no pics?? So why not throw in a sweet scene…just so that we can reminisce the fun we had in the last few months?!

Note: I am not the creator of the above picture. If you are the owner and is offended that it has been used without permission, please let me know and I will have it removed. But then honestly, when you created this, it was meant to be shared amongst other Ruka x Michiru fans, right??!?!