I am so stupid! I was watching story 2 and was thinking, “geez…that guy looks very much like the one in story 1…” For some odd reason, I had the preconception that these three stories were all standalones. Well they’re not. Let me correct myself. All three stories revolve around the guy, Takaki Touno.

Story 1: Cherry Blossoms

After their one night reunion, Takaki and Akari go their separate ways…

Story 2: Astronaut

Here, Takaki is a highschooler and is friends with a classmate of his – Kanae Sumita. She has feelings for him and near then end decides to bring up the courage to tell him. But she realises that his heart is elsewhere and that she is not the one to fill up the emptiness within him. We see Takaki as a gentle character but always seem to be yearning for something. He expresses this in his text messages but they are never sent…

Story 3: 5cm per second

Takaki is now an adult and working in Tokyo – he throws himself into work, up to a point when he realises that he’s lost all direction in life, living basically an aimless life. One day, Akari sends him a message…

Story: 9

Characters: 8

Music: 9

All three arcs of the story was amazing. The whole animation draws you into the world of Takaki and Akari. Completely breathtaking…the whole gentleness of it…As I’ve mentioned before, the soundtrack also compliments the work. I just realised that the OST is not available for sale on its own!! It was released together with the Limited Edition of the animation (Japan version)! Well luckily someone has their hands on it – it’s on IMEEM. Have a listen…if you’ve watched the anime, I’m sure you will enjoy it!

I don’t know what it is but I really like this scene…all I can say is that Makoto Shinkai is truly incredible!

Edit: One thing that bugged me just a little was why Takaki and Akari could not have a happy ending. To me, distance would be the easiest thing to overcome. To say that distance pulled them apart was probably acceptable when they were kids but as adults? Sounds like a bit of a stretch…aside from this, I still consider it to be a 1 hour well spent!!