YAY! My copy of Strawberry Panic Vol. 1: First Kiss – arrived today! Well actually when I first saw it, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much. I opened the package and inside was just one DVD case. I was kind of subconsciously imagining that it will be a DVD box set! haha Well I guess I will need to wait for my Maria-sama ga Miteru (releasing in late July)!! But I must say that when I picked it up, it felt a bit tacky…like I just bought an “on sale $5 DVD”…so far a little disappointed…

Hmm…this is my first purchase of a serial anime – not quite sure what to expect. I have to say, the fansubs out there are pretty high quality (I reckon)! I’m almost a bit concerned that I might prefer the fansub version given that’s the first version I watched…

SHOCK HORROR! I started the DVD and almost jumped off my sofa when I saw the subs!! They’re in this ugly yellow colour!! It reminds me of when I play SRT files using VLC player! Aaaah!! I hate that yellow colour! It’s so distracting too…they could have at least used a lighter shade! Also, I don’t why but the outline of the subs are also a little rough! Grrrr…..call me an absolute pain but this kind of stuff really annoys me. Well better move on…I can’t keep grumbling on about it. Honestly, from this aspect, the fansubs are definitely better.

Translation wise it looks pretty consistent so far but I’m only 10 minutes into episode 1! hahaha One other downfall with this DVD is that I personally do not consider a textless opening and ending to be SPECIAL FEATURES!! Come on! Be a little generous!! haha Ok, I better stop…. =P

Overall, I’m preferring the look of the fansubs more but then I appreciate the pleasure of watching this anime in DVD quality…oh well…I guess you need to give or take some. I hope they improve on the visual quality of the subs in the later volumes! I’m crossing my fingers that Right Stuf does a better job with Maria-sama ga Miteru!

P.s. Btw, now that I’m re-watching SP, I just remembered what a nut case Tamao-chan is!!! LOL ^_^

Edit: Oh! I found another problem! They translated “onee-sama” to sister! How annoying! Everytime I see the term “sister”, I think of Whoopi Goldberg in her Sister Act outfit!! Nooo!! Well apparently according to Okazu’s review of Volume 2, they fixed this!! yay!! Hmm…does that mean I have an excuse to buy Vol 2? I’ll wait for a while…there’s a bit of a hole in my wallet…hehehe…you can probably tell!!