Remember how I mentioned how gentle the music is? It’s almost like it’s too shy! Quietly stepping in to make its entrance and quietly disappearing off again…well I’ve decided to buy the OST! HA! Well it wasn’t that expensive and given that I’ve put aside the crazy idea of going to Japan for a concert, I figured I could splurge on a few extra CDs! hahaha

Check out the music – my favourite track is 雪の駅 (Yuki no Eki) – it’s the heart to the anime – adding just the right touch. Honestly takes you out of this world! The other track – One more time, One more chance – this track is not bad but I prefer a softer piece to suit the anime (well the first story that I’ve watched). It gains too much volume and strength which doesn’t quite match the aura of Cherry Blossoms. But maybe I’ll change my mind by the time I finish the entire DVD….! ^_^

I’ve uploaded the two tracks to IMEEM.

How I rate this OST?

It’s basically worth it’s price!! Four STARS (out of 5)!! Honestly, just looking at the cover, I feel like I’m being spirited into another world! haha Which is EXACTLY what I look for! =)