To fans of the Ghibli works, this name should be all too familiar! I am a follower of Hayao Miyazaki productions, in particular: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Castle in the Sky. There are many others but these three are just outstanding!! Not only is the animation creative and vivid, but the background ensemble of music just really adds the final touches. Actually, it takes the entire experience to an all new level!

Joe Hisaishi is the magical creator of the music!! I recently discovered that he is soon to hold a 25th anniversary performance of music from Ghibli studio works as well as a show with New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra!!! If ONLY I had KNOWN EARLIER!!! I would DEFINITELY plan a week long trip to see BOTH!!

Please! If you are in Japan or can take the time off, you HAVE to see it!! I would so go if only I didn’t already have a holiday trip the week before!! I was tempted and even checked for availability of tickets – there are still some available!! Oh well…I will have to wait for 2009 performance…. =(