Ginga Kuon

Ooooh! I just discovered another reason to like Gokujou Seitokai!! I was tossing and turning thinking why the voice of Kuon Ginga (the Vice-President and oversees the Covert Squad) sounded familiar so I looked it up and what do I see?!?!?

Kaori Shimizu – notable roles:

Maria-sama ga miteru ~ Noriko Nijo

NO WONDER!! haha I should have noticed earlier! Noriko is one of my favourite characters (well no-one said favourites have to be limited to 1 or 2!! haha)!! She has a very distinctive voice – just slightly nasally. Anyway I like it!! I better have a closer look at all the other seiyuu-s!! There might be more surprises!

Just a quick post! Couldn’t resist when I found this out!! ^_^