My MUGS!! hahaha It’s the first time I’ve been that crazy about a drama to actually buy the damn items!! hahaha

Well no regrets from me! haha Everytime I reach for a mug, I’m like thinking “hmm…should I use Ruka’s, Michiru’s or Takeru’s?” LOL hahahaha

Both the Fuji TV webshop site and do not post goods overseas so if you are dying to get one of these mugs, you will have to go through a Japanese agent. I used i-TM4U. They were friendly and quite good. They basically charge you a commission based on the cost of goods plus the cost of shipping from Japan to your place. Oh dear…now that I know of these guys I’m a bit concerned I’ll get a little out of control!! hahaha

OMG! I just found out that they have key rings now!! ahaha Well, luckily they’re not that nice! *phew*