Genre: Romance + mecha

Plot: The main character is Kuu Shiratori, a normal looking high school girl. Seems to be obsessed about her imaginery “Prince”, always addressing to him in the voiceovers (bloody annoying). Apparently in her past life she was an Absolute Angel – a powerful fighting machine which was split into 5 parts. Each of these “parts” (her limbs and soul) are represented by different characters. They all come together to form the ultimate fighting machine and in order to save the world, she chooses to self-destruct.

Why I watched it?

Wasn’t too keen to start with but I watched Kannazuki no Miko and I heard that Chikane and Himeko are reincarnated and appear in this drama (but only as supporting characters).

What I thought of it?

C R A P and B O R I N G!! I admit I was dead tired when I watched this but I found it soooooo boring! Possibly because Kuu is such a weak and annoying character – I like girls/characters with attitude and strong personalities. Music was very flat too – didn’t catch my attention. Anyway, it wasn’t worth the time. Luckily I fast forwarded through the 12 episodes! Don’t waste your time on this one! UNLESS you’re suffering Himeko and Chikane withdrawal symptoms! haha

P.s. But then Kannazuki no Miko is worth checking out – just because of Chikane x Himeko. Mecha parts I reckon can be skipped but then it might be just me. I’m fairly new to anime series and so far I seem to only like yuri! ^_^