When I initially first heard of a SP, I was so excited! I was hoping that given the timing of it (being right after episode 11), it would be like an episode 12, filled with fresh scenes. But those familiar with Japanese special episodes would know, in MOST cases, they just do a CRAP job and just give you a bunch of recaps!!! LAZY ASSES!! I was sooo pissed off when I heard there was only NINE minutes of fresh scenes! THe worst thing was that Ruka appears for like 30 seconds – it’s like….WTF?

Anyway, as I mentioned before, as long as you never expected much from the SP and took Ep 11 as the ending, it isn’t so bad! Yes, I would have LOOOOVED for there to be a good heart to heart, one on one moment between Ruka and MIchiru but given we’re talking about prime time TV here, that’s probably being a little too hopeful! I must admit that I am nevertheless disappointed. Oh well…I guess this drama has already delivered a lot of wonderful moments and we really shouldn’t be so greedy. =( I’m sure there will be fanfic going around so might have to settle for those! haha I’ll let you know if I find something worth reading. ^_^

Now for some snapshots of the SP…*sigh*…nothing exciting…well not much!! Let’s start off with a nice family pic…sweeeet….though I’d much rather there wasn’t a gap between Ruka & Michiru!! hahaha

Rumi!! Kawaii!!! How cute is she?? “Ru” from Ruka and “mi” from Michiru and within that we also have the sound “ru” from Takeru!! This must be one of the cutest ideas in drama!! haha Hands down to the script writer!! Aaah….!! Happy family!! Yes! Please always stay together and give us a REAL SP!!! Onegai!!!

A cute little insert – can you spot it!!?? It’s a mini mug for Rumi!!! Aaaaw!! I’m guessing that it’s from papa Takeru!! hahaha

Once again, congratulations to the cast and entire team behind the production of Last Friends! Thanks to their hard work, we were able to enjoy 11 weeks of pure craziness! Seriously, you should have seen some of the analysis going on in the D-Addicts thread!?! CRAZY stuff! haha Really enjoyed this one. Though I might not have agreed to every choice the director and scriptwriter made to the story, I still love the end result. A stunning cast! Amazing OST and selfless love all thrown in one….what more can you want!?! You have to check this one out if you haven’t already. ^_^

Now I’ll just curl up and suffer depression…no more Last Friends!!! =(