I know I’m very late to the game, but since watching Last Friends, then Strawberry Panic, I went on a roll and started checking out yuri anime (aka shoujo-ai). 

Marimite is considered to be THE classic yuri. It contrasts greatly against Strawberry Panic. Whilst SP is light, kind of ridiculous and filled with laughs, Marimite is more refined. The yuri element is more subtle with the focus on character development and the bond between the girls. The use of pastels and classical music also enhances the more elegant feel of the anime.

So, how does the story work? The anime is set at Lillian Girls’ School, which is a private institution that caters for girls coming from well-off families. There are two central characters located near the bottom of the picture. Yumi, with the ribbon ties on the side is a 1st year student, whilst Sachiko in the dark blue/black hair is a 2nd year student. In this school, there is the student council known as the Yamayurikai. It is headed by three 3rd year students – the roses – Rosa Chinensis, Rosa Foetida and Rosa Gigantea – each belonging to one of the rose family – red, yellow and white. (I know it’s all a bit confusing! haha I had to open up Wiki while I was watching this for the first time! All the terms!) Sachiko is the younger sister of the Rosa Chinensis – basically she’s admired by many of the girls in the school – like all the others that belong to the Yamayurikai.

The school also has a older/younger sister system where the older sister – Onee-sama – looks after the younger sister and shares a strong bond with – almost like real sisters or more. In any case, this also applies to the Roses and generally the younger sister will step up to the older sister’s role when they graduate.

Season 1 is predominantly on how Yumi and Sachiko meet; how their characters develop and impact on each other; stories on the other two Rose families and graduation of the Roses. Some people may well find this anime boring as the pace is not quick and the stories are not action-packed. But there are some funny moments once in a while! It’s one of those stories where you grow to like the characters rather than get drawn by the story itself.

Each of the Rose family has its quirks and I’ve tried to find a picture representing each of them! Must say that I like the Foetida family pic the most! If you’ve watched the anime, I think you will appreciate the pic as much as I do!! haha


The Chinensis family gets a bit more screen time – unsurprising given this is where you have Sachiko and Yumi.

I think this is the perfect picture of them as Yumi is generally timid and shy while Sachiko is all about elegance and tends to hide her own feelings – though she does have quite a shocking temper!! Often described as “hysterical”!

Her character is actually not a typical one that one would like but somehow it is balanced out by Yumi and the whole combo just works!


Next is the Foetida family!! I completely cracked up when I saw this pic! It is SOOOO them!! haha Putting aside Yumi and Sachiko, one of my favourite characters must be Yoshino!! She is so funny particularly after her operation!!

hahaha Poor Rei! I’m afraid she will always be under the thumb….hahahaha

Btw, Rosa Foetida is actually played by Hitomi Nabatame who voiced Shizuma from Strawberry Panic! haha I loved Shizuma’s voice and it amazes me how seiyu have the ability to alter their voice to suit the character!



Finally we have the White rose family! Sei, Rosa Gigantea, is one of the highlights of the show!! You have to love how she deliberately gets Sachiko jealous when she plays around with Yumi! haha Apparently even the writer of Marimite says her favourite character is Sei! It’s no wonder she’s still around in Season 3!

You also have Shimako! My gosh! She looks so pretty in this anime! hahaha I like her too but must admit I’m more attracted to the appearance of the character rather than the character itself! =)


Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this anime! If you want something mild, relaxing and some yuri, then this it the choice!