Another round of applause to the LF team!! 22.8%!! That’s pretty damn good!! Apparently in the final scene, it reached a peak of 25.9%!!! WOOHOO!! I’m so happy for them! Guess everyone loves Ruka!! haha

Overall, I found this ending quite satisfying. All that was missing was a good one on one heart-to-heart moment between Ruka x Michiru. That would be perfect! But no…they did not give that to us. I guess given this is main stream TV, they probably don’t want to be so blatant in putting two girls together in an intimate relationship. Nevertheless, this drama is definitely one of my all time favourites!!

Now for the highlights…haha you will notice that they’re mostly Ruka!! Sorry but I couldn’t resist! I did take other screen shots but given I’m too lazy to upload more than 6 or so pics, I had to cut out others and keep all the Ruka ones!! ^_^

Before we go on about her amazing acting, can I point out how good Juri looks?!?!? Smart but with a touch of feminism. Nice…Takeru is not bad too…minus the HAIR!!! Eeek….not too great! No wonder all the guys over at D-Addicts were going crazy about Juri when episode 11 came out! Everyone was going – “OMG! Ruka looks so KAKKOII!!” She can definitely sweep me of my feet! hahaha

I also like this follow-up scene at the park where Ruka reminisces the time she found Michiru in the rain. I like how Juri played this scene. Ruka seems lost in her own world – a world that only had Michiru and her. You can also sense the pain she feels thinking she has lost her connection (whether it is just friends or more than friends) with Michiru. Again, Takeru is a great supporting actor and senses the missing piece in Ruka’s heart. I think the drama’s focus on Ruka’s deep set feelings for Michiru is one of the key reasons why this drama is such a success. We haven’t seen such depth in feelings in a while and Juri also executes it with style and with 100% emotion. She’s so “Ruka” to me, I wonder how I’ll feel when I see her in another movie/drama!?! (Actually I’ve recently purchased the DVD of Rainbow Song but although I know it’s good, I don’t want to watch it cos I want to keep seeing her as “Ruka”! Am I strange or what??)

Now here, though this was only a short scene, I loved how Ruka’s voice just changes for Michiru. The way Ruka asks Michiru to return to Tokyo! That 5 second moment took my breath away! Did anyone notice how Ruka’s face and voice suddenly softened?? My gosh…I don’t know how she does it. I’m definitely a Ruka/Juri supporter ALL THE WAY! haha I would go back with her!! HAHAHA now I’m being VERY silly…Again, Ruka’s feelings for Michiru do not waver at all. There is no hesitation in her to show how much she cares and loves Michiru – I want to live with you. What more do you want, Michiru! Hurry up and pack your bags!! haha

So, while Ruka and Michiru is having this wonderful scene where Ruka is committing herself to be the ‘reliable senior’ next to the baby and wants to live with Michiru, Mr. Third Wheel comes along!! hahahaha Honestly, I love Takeru’s character, but for split second, it’s almost like, “I wish you weren’t around!!!” hahahahaha But like I said, I still very much like Takeru….haha poor guy…

This scene is not overly exciting, but in this shot, I feel such a strong vibe of fear/concern in Ruka…I don’t think of it as acting! Juri is literally living her character, I’d say!

OMG! I reckon this must be one of the sweetest endings ever…kind of unexpected so it was a very sweet surprise! I LOOOOVE how they lean on each other. They seem so comfortable and peaceful – like they’ve all finally found their place in life. Like I have mentioned in a previous post, it’s almost like the missing puzzles have finally found each other and formed a happy and wonderful picture together. I think this is one of the best ending shots I have ever seen in j-dramas! Also, although a little corny, I thought the ending of Michiru’s voice over “My dear friends…you are my last friends”…tied well back to the title of the drama.

Overall for this drama, I’d give it the following scores:

Story: 9

Lots of fresh ideas that we haven’t seen before! *thumbs up* – not 10 because there was too much on DV – dragged a little and there should have been more on Ruka x Michiru!! hmm…how many times have I said this?? haha

Characters: 9

Took 1 off because there was way too much Sousuke

Music: 10

Lyrics and Prisoner of Love was an amazing fit! Background music from S.E.N.S. also intensified the emotions – LOVED IT!! But I could be biased cos I’m a fan of S.E.N.S! haha

Overall: 9

I haven’t been so worked up on a drama for a while…though it wasn’t perfect, I honestly really enjoyed this drama! It also introduced me to the fun of hanging out in D-addicts and sharing crazy ideas/views with other fans!!

There was an SP too which I haven’t checked out but I heard it’s mostly recaps so best to take this episode as the FINALE!! Oh dear…now I’m going to suffer withdrawal symptoms!! What am I going to do every Thursday now?? Maybe I need to do what ^Yuuki does in D-Addicts – start collecting Juri videos like gathering nuts for the winter!!! LOL!! hahaha