First of all, a BIG congratulations to the Last Friends team!! The ratings broke the 20% mark!! For a drama with such themes and a starting episode of only 13.9%, this is a GREAT result! Almost unheard of!! おめでとう!
Btw, I give up…!! There were TOO many good scenes to capture! *SIGH* I think this is definitely the episode that we have all been waiting for! FINALLY, Michiru knows of Ruka’s feelings and has an ultimate confrontation of all Ruka has done for her.
There were a number of great scenes in this hour. First of all – Ruka escapes from hell, then there is the teary father & daughter talk, Ruka’s confession and finally Michiru’s literally relives Ruka’s love for her! It’s no wonder this episode scored a 20.7%! Though it was probably partially due to the missing preview at the end of episode 9 (talk about smart marketing)!!
I will focus on the last couple of minutes. I think Michiru’s acting was spectacular here – the tears and despair, pain – just a whole mosaic of emotions. Realising all Ruka has done for her – about time I reckon!! Here is the sequence

Honestly, I think there was such an expression of feelings – good work Masami! Now rush off and find Ruka!! Clearly that doesn’t happen…let’s just skip the ending of this episode…best forgotten… =(

On the otherhand, let’s end with this wonderful scene from Ruka…*dreamy eyes*