Just then, completely out of the blue, my cell phone rang…

Caller ID: Unavailable

Should I pick it up? What if it’s my manager? Hmm….seems a bit early for him though…should I ignore it? No I’ll pick it up…

So I pressed on answer and said “Hello?”

Sleepy? (well they clearly called me by my REAL name…)

A very familiar voice came through…there was some crackly sound in the line but I could recognise that voice…it was a friend…once a very close friend whom I have not spoken to in a long while. Actually let me rephrase – the last time we saw was probably a few months ago but something happened a while back and since the incident, the distance between us has grown and our conversation is often general “hi, bye, how’s it going” kind of topics. I feel that there’s an odd “stranger-like” presence between us. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I emailed her and tried to settle the issue from a long time ago (we never resolved it). Luckily my email was accepted with friendliness and after a few more emails – it was reassured that the incident has since past. There should be no more grudges and that we remain good friends. To me that was a big relief. I like to resolve things rather than let things hang. Finally knowing she has no more negative feelings from the incident makes a serious difference to me.

Now back to the call – we had a brief but friendly chit chat. It was relaxed and almost reminded me of times before the incident. Again, I’m relieved that our friendship is almost back to normal. It would be a great loss to me if this friendship was scarred or lost. 

*sigh*  + smile

Today is a good day… ^_^