You’ve been warned! Be prepared!!! This episode is going to knock your socks off!! hahaha Well it’s clearly not going to be a laughing matter but I think the audience will be quite satisfied with this episode! Okay, deep breath…

Ruka’s getting to a stage where she is in so much pain that she wants to leave the share house! This comes as a shock to everyone but what can they do?? Michiru cries she can’t live without Ruka but Ruka is harsh and says “I cannot look after you forever!!” Everyone fails to convince Ruka to stay so she packs her bag and leaves.

The scene where Michiru and Ruka says their good byes in the park is an endearing moment. We can honestly see Michiru’s struggle to let go of Ruka. In some sense, this gives the audience some satisfaction – it’s almost like “finally – you realise you can’t take Ruka for granted!”

Nevertheless, I still felt for Michiru. Masami was great at expressing the internal pain – particularly when she uses her other hand to embrace Ruka’s hand like she didn’t want to let go…the TENSION!!! GOSH!!  On the otherhand, Ruka almost has a slight look of surprise. I would have liked it more if there was a brief second where she expressed her inner turmoil too – but then I might be getting too greedy here!! In any case, Ruka looks great in this shot!!

Then to end the scene with a climax – we see Takeru running to Ruka! Hahaha Reality wise, surely he would have hopped into a cab but no he RAN all the way here! haha The confession of Takeru’s emotions, his understanding and complete acceptance of Ruka just swept me away. I think at this moment, I had to grab a few tissues! This is one of the best scenes in the entire drama. Finally, Ruka is able to break down her walls and honestly and wholeheartedly embrace and be open to someone. This sequence also throws in a twist – Michiru sees all this but even at this stage, she does not understand the relationship between Takeru and Ruka. She thought she saw the “birth of love”. Even I must say she seems a bit thick here…..geez…!!

 The last 15 minutes of the episode was just amazing!! I hope people enjoyed it as much as I did!!

Btw, the mugs made an appearance in this hour! haha I’ve got all three!!! hehehe I’m using “Michiru’s” mug at the moment!! hahahahahaa