Why why why….can they not give us one calm episode where I can just enjoy watching Juri’s spectacular acting??? Oh and Eita and Masami’s!!? Why do they have to play with out emotions every single time?

Enough said, though I feel an inkling of the above, I must say that I still very much enjoy every episode. Must say, it’s not a light entertaining piece of work and audience should be prepared to be pushed to the edge of their seat. Despite that, I’m sure many would agree that this is one damn good drama.
 I’m struggling to talk about this episode…it’s beyond words! Honestly you have to watch this yourself! I’ve tried to extract the key highlights of the hour but it was difficult.

Within minutes of the opening, I could already feel the heart clenching as we see Ruka encouraging Takeru to “like her (Michiru) more”. “She gets lonely a lot…someone has to support her…” MY GOSH!! Give me a break! I mean we just started and I feel like they’ve already thrown me into the deep end! What am I supposed to expect in the next 45 minutes?


 This was one insane scene! The interaction between Ruka and Takeru was strong and powerful. Ruka was almost on the verge of tears which was well reciprocated by Takeru’s pain of being pushed to someone else after having just… *BIG SPOILER SO I WON’T SAY* haha You probably know already – what the heck… Anyway, this was one of my favourite scenes.


 Back at home, Takeru can sense something wrong (Sousuke had just posted message about Ruka’s gender issues at her bike place) and asks Ruka to speak to him. Ruka, just wanting to barricade herself in her own world yells back telling Takeru to mind his own business. Again, Ruka is just right on the acting. This was another great insert as the conversation was overheard by Michiru. It is the first time (I think) that Michiru has actually seen this side of Ruka – the more fragile side. To her, Ruka has always been strong, a protector. However, I think Masami could have conveyed a stronger look of concern/surprise. I actually thought she looked a bit “blank” in this part. For some reason, I get the impression that she’s too lost in her own problems and have never spent the time to understand Ruka. Moments like these, I feel that she does not deserve Ruka. Just a brief thought cause I’m actually a “Ruka x Michiru ending” supporter!! ahaha


 In this part, though this is merely a 20 or so second slot, this part touched me. Again, for the first time, we are able to see that despite having such a gentle character, Takeru is merely human. He has his own problems. Even he doesn’t always have the strength to help others. With Michiru crying in the kitchen, him seeing this but decides to back away and return to his bedroom – that was an impressive and quiet sequence. I am amazed at what goes through a director’s mind! Taking care to such minute details! It’s no wonder I’m such a fan of Japanese dramas over HK and Korean series. The Japanese are honestly in a league of its own.


 Finally, the episode ends with a small cliff hanger – to be honest – not really to me as I never doubted the strength of Takeru’s feelings for Ruka…but still, the above shots did make my heart skip a beat! haha It’s like *GASP* Ruka’s here!!! OH NO! hahaha I also put in here that final picture as I like how they’ve put the two of them together. The way they’re both leaning into each other. It looks like they’re a perfect fit – like two lost puzzle pieces. Of course WE know that the perfect fit for either of them is actually Ruka! haha I personally think that’s a really sweet and intimate moment caught in a frame. It’s a great shot. If only they will do one as well for Michiru and Ruka!!! Please!!

Episode 8 review coming soon…