Though I have not “reviewed” Last Friends since Episode 4, I feel that I will be just plain lazy if I skipped straight to Episode 9 – trust me, I am sooo tempted! For those who have watched it, they will understand.I’m fairly active on D-Addicts (first time to be an active “post-er”) and that thread is moving SOOOOO quickly! Everyone is getting all excited. Once a new episode is up, the thread will grow by a few pages in the time I grab a few hours sleep! It’s also great to see many “lurkers” who have actually signed up for the sake of joining in the discussion. haha Me being one of them! If you would like to read more into this drama, I urge you to check it out! It’s quite fun to meet up with some random people who share the same excitement. I might become hooked on this habit but then I doubt there are many “Last Friends” out there to bring out such enthusiasm.

Ok – enough distraction – back on Episode 5. In this one, it’s mainly about Ruka x Takeru (*nice*)! haha Oh and of course more heartache over Ruka…*sigh*…honestly, is this girl ever going to become happy?? Please let her have a happy ending! Again, another nice “park” scene – a personal moment between Ruka and Takeru. In an unspoken way, Ruka has developed a bond with Takeru. Takeru is clearly conscious of it but less so for Ruka. It’s nice to see that there’s someone Ruka can trust and feel relax around.

 Hmm…who wouldn’t want a “Takeru” around? Please, if anyone is aware of one, please let me know! hahaha This following sequence is one of the best scenes in this episode. It’s a voiceover from Takeru saying:

I like your smile…
I don’t care who you love…
I will sustain you…and your smile.

There is also another favourite scene of mine between Michiru and Takeru. It’s where Michiru tells him that Ruka has been liking someone for many years but has never relayed those feelings to the person. It’s almost heartbreaking hearing this as Michiru has no idea that she herself is that person. Also, with the well chosen background music, the scene is worth 10 out of 10! I’ll need to upload the clip somewhere – maybe Youtube or something…I will work something out…It’s actually a very sad scene if you’re standing in Ruka’s shoes…
 Well let’s move on – if we dwelled on every scene that was painful to Ruka, this post will never END! BUT, one last one! haha Yes, they ended the episode with a climax – a threat of suicide from Sousuke – honestly, do we give a rat’s ass? Well I don’t think so, except for Michiru!

Ruka tries to convince Michiru to be strong and withstand the temptation of seeing Sousuke…*sigh* and she fails….BUT not before pulling out a few strong emotional expressions! My gosh! Her teary eyes – the mix of anger and love all in one!

Seriously, I think this drama has really highlighted to everyone the acting abilities of Ruka….oops…I mean Juri! I reckon she’s going to win some awards for this role! And well deserved!! 

That’s all for now! Sorry for the rushed review but I do have FIVE to catch up on!!