I can barely contain my excitement! My exam is over so I’m FREE now!! Well almost. Some work has piled up so will need to get that sorted but otherwise going forward, I should have more time to update my blog! I aim to write up a few more reviews and more importantly, I should be receiving my Last Friends mugs and OST in a week or two! hahaha I might put some pictures up of my new goodies….*poor credit card* My online spending tends to go out of hand when I’m stressed….hahaha

Anyway, I’m back and will hopefully be uploading more stuff soon! Ja-ne!

Well actually before I sign off – I’ll just add some of my favourite pics from Last Friends. None of the below are my personal creations and I don’t know who the author is. So I can’t thank them for the wonderful artwork. Enjoy! (btw, I deliberately did not post anything spoiler-ish)!