Episode 2!! *sigh* Now I’m dying to wait for the third episode which is like another week away!! Well what can I do…Before you read ahead, just to let you know that I generally try to avoid spilling the real spoilers but nevertheless, you might still gasp at some things I write. You decide! In this episode, we see a little bit more of Ruka’s world and there is a fairly strong presence of Takeru thru out (YAY!). 

I was quite touched by this scene where Ruka recalls the pain Michiru seems to be in and asks a very simple “Daijoobu?” (Are you okay?) The weight of this one word is definitely more than it seems. Somehow, Juri manages to express strong vibes of genuine concern. Don’t know how she does it. Just amazing – spot on acting!

This is another one of my favourite scenes! Currently, I’m having an internal struggle of Michiru vs Takeru! hahahaha This was a nice sequence and could really sense the laid-back/get along well relationship between Ruka and Takeru. He seems such a nice guy and appears to be the one person that understands Ruka’s inner world. Can’t wait till he moves in!! =)   
Although Michiru is weak character, I think she somehow redeems herself a little in this episode. For once, we see a return of Ruka’s feelings for her (well “kind of” – don’t get too excited!! haha)…

When Ruka falls off her bike, Michiru is the first person running to her and her scream “RUKA!” seems to carry something from deep within…almost like some hidden emotions she had for Ruka that she didn’t realise….haha maybe I’m just putting too much thought into this. I also like how Michiru waits besides Ruka’s bed, waiting for her to wake… 


Now, despite all the seriousness in this episode, there were a few light hearted moments but this one was definitely the winner!! haha This is the point where Takeru offers to piggy-back Ruka to the washroom! She appeared to accept his offer before slapping him on the back! hahaha Definitely worth a re-watch!! 

Btw, I’m really starting to hate Sousuke…they better get rid of him soon! I want more of Ruka, Michiru and Takeru!! I don’t care about Sousuke! He’s crazy!! Wait till you see what he does in this episode! Go Ruka! Go bash him up!

So what are we anticipating for episode 3?? Looks like they will be revealing more about Takeru’s own problems and Ruka’s going to convince Michiru to leave Sousuke. For some reason, I don’t think Ruka is going to succeed….grrr….