My review on Episode 1!! I had to wait a whole week before I could watch it!! *sigh* I was checking Kioku’s website almost every two hours to see where progress was up to! Anyway, overall feel of the episode – fast, cryptic, emotionally intense and engaging!! 

Let me go through my first impression of the characters

Though Masami is often presented as the leading actress in this drama, Juri’s character, Ruka, definitely stands out by a mile! No questions asked. Not only is her acting absolutely amazing (who would have thought that she could turn from Nodame to Ruka?!?!) but the character also has more depth, attitude and last of all, strength!

 I’m particularly impressed with the emotions she can express with her eyes?!! The way she looks at Michiru…the key scenes that come to mind is where she finds Michiru in the rain and also when she sees Michiru crying in her sleep. I can almost feel her pain! Wow! They take my breath away. Ruka is cool and has an attitude!

Now onto Masami’s character – Michiru. Masami is definitely a pretty face to watch but like what others have said, she tends to play very similar roles. After watching her in Proposal Daisakusen I definitely saw some resemblance in expressions. Michiru so far is a very weak character and I really don’t have the confidence to think that will change much. Come on girl! Pull yourself together and get away from Sousuke!! Or I’m equally happy if Ruka and Takeru will come along and bash the daylights out of him for you! hahaha I really hope Michiru and Ruka will be together…please!!!

Last of all, another character I really like here is TAKERU!! He is so yasashii (gentle), sensitive and kind. I think it is interesting for another fan of this drama to point out that he is the only person with his eyes opened in the drama poster (where they all wear white and are lying on the ground with red ribbon linking them all together). So far, he has been the first person to pick up on all the clues… Although I like the idea of pairing up Ruka and Michiru, I actually don’t mind a Ruka & Takeru cross either!! I guess it’s because Michiru is so weak and insensitive to Ruka’s feelings that as the audience, I feel she does not deserve Ruka? hmm…Enough said, there is definitely some sparks/chemistry between Ruka and Takeru! I like their meeting at the bar where Takeru says “I’d like a friend like that…” – I’m like WOAH! haha Oh and he’s hair is honestly a bit of a laugh….hahaha

As to my favourite scene? Of course it must be where Ruka runs in the rain and finds Michiru!!! All Ruka needs is to hear those three words left by Michiru on her mobile and immediately she senses something wrong. Again, this is another scene where Ruka has amazing eye expression.

 One thing that really stands out to me about Ruka is that there is a sense of honest and pure care for Michiru. Yes, I know she has not told Michiru about her feelings but the scene I am thinking of is the time when Michiru arrives at Ruka’s place. The moment when Michiru awakes from her depressed thoughts about Sousuke and turns around to see Ruka looking at her, I like how Ruka’s eyes don’t flicker at all and just continues to look at her. There isn’t the typical half-embarrassed reaction that you usually expect where the character quickly shifts their eyes and look elsewhere. There is just a real sense of bond reaching from Ruka to Michiru.

This picture just kills me…looking at Juri’s face?! Wow…..She is no doubt Ruka alright!!

I can go on forever but need to get some work done. Will post my thoughts on Episode 2 once the subs are out!!