Okay, so I was about to start some work when I realised I have not checked the Last Friend’s website today! I mean, it’s airing tomorrow so there might be some new links or trailers?!? Who knows…So, I click on and as I go through the pages, what do I see?? Just when I was trying to tone down my own excitement on this drama I spot this:

The scriptwriter of this drama has had some pretty well known past works! They’re generally quite old but they are:

a) Love 2000 – this had Takeshi Kaneshiro and was all about forbidden love. This was only so so for me but did get pretty decent viewership ratings. Great theme song.

b) God, please give me more time – again there was Takeshi Kaneshiro and this one is a complete tear jerker!!! You end up crying in EVERY episode. Though I didn’t like the beginning it definitely makes up for it with the rest of the story!! REALLY good music!

c) Love Generation – this I haven’t watched but aired around the Long Vacation time – another romantic classic! Well known for its music!

Amazing choice of actors, scriptwriter has had a few hits in the past, breathtaking theme song (& lyrics) and what does Last Friends have to top it all off??? They’ve got S.E.N.S contributing to the OST?!?!! OMG!! S.E.N.S is one of my most loved Japanese groups!! They’re not a pop band but is a guy & girl who are talented in producing instrumental music! Their music is very popular and is often used as background music in commercials, movies, dramas etc. Some of their pieces almost have emotions flowing through them…really talented – that’s what they are! Knowing S.E.N.S is involved just blows me away! I have been watching out for them and I don’t think they have done some OST work for a while!! Oh dear…I hope this drama lives up to my expectations!!! *cross my fingers*