OMG…a recent find! This drama aired in 2007 and achieved average viewership ratings of 17.3%.  I had heard about this drama but as I was not too familiar with the actors and the storyline seemed a bit far-fetched, I just wasn’t too keen. BUT, given the raves I heard, I obtained a copy….JUST in case I needed something to watch! I mean, in the end, it is still a pure romance drama which is a rare find these days! Trust me, I know! haha *slightly embarrassed*

Okay, so here it goes:
Kenzo finds himself at the wedding of Rei and Tada-san. As he watches the ceremony, the exchange of vows, the pain and regret in him grows…why did he not tell her his feelings? “If only I had gathered my courage and confessed my feelings…”

So, as he is having these thoughts, suddenly, the fairy that resides in the church appears. He feels sorry for this guy and gives him the opportunity to return back in time to ‘fix’ things. Kenzo is given this opportunity a number of times through out the drama, each time for a few hours. In the end…obviously I’m not going to tell you! haha

Reason why I like this drama – though the ‘travel back in time’ sounds a bit silly and juvenile, there is actually not much ‘comedy’ and is not as light hearted as it seems. Though as an audience, there will be many occasions where you will want to throw the cushion (that you’re holding tightly as you watch the drama) at Kenzo for being so not upfront with his feelings, you will be touched by his inner thoughts i.e. the voice overs in the drama. I like the underlying streak of sadness/regret/pain that runs throughout the drama. It’s almost like watching a pair of ‘star-crossed’ lovers (a term that a friend of mine LOVES! You know who you are!) i.e. you can so tell that both Rei and Kenzo like each other but their timing was just wrong and both have stupid ‘hold my feelings back’ kind of character!  It’s like, JUST BLURT IT OUT!!! DAMN IT!! Anyway, I’m sure you get the idea.

Another reason (there are quite a few…) I like it, is it has a strong sense of nostalgia through out the drama. Because Kenzo is constantly traveling back in time as a working adult back to his highschool/uni years, it reminds myself of the growth I have gone through in the last few years! Great background music also gives it extra brownie points! To the left of my blog is the player with the instrumental background music of the theme song. I LOVE IT! The lyrics to the theme song also really matches the storyline! Amazing! I will post the chinese translated lyrics later. I will also try to post the English lyrics that has been translated by Love Song (a fansub group).

Overall, this drama is a sure winner for me! My favourite episodes (from most preferred): 2 (I’ve watched this at least over 10 times!! Once every night!!), 11 (the finale), 3 (one scene! Cute!) and 4 (the button…). Sigh…I’ve reached the end….

Well, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!!